Monday, June 12, 2006

A Sign that the International Order is Breaking Down

It looks like we're seeing more and more intolerance of other religions all the time:

NEW DELHI: Hindu groups in Malaysia allege that the government is demolishing temples and have appealed to Indian rights groups and the UN to help protect their heritage.

. . .

"At least one temple is being demolished by the authorities every three weeks in an unlawful and indiscriminate fashion, at the federal, state and local levels," said PW Moorthy, chairman of Hindu Rights Action Force, a coalition of about 50 groups.

"Most of these temples are over a century old and have existed even before we got independence. And they have the cheek to deem these temples illegal," a furious Moorthy said.

"Temples in Malaysia under threat." 11 Jun. 2006 Times of India 12 Jun. 2006

It looks like increased religious oppression in Islamic countries is a sign that the international order imposed and run by the West is eroding. I think the Islamists rightly perceive the ineffectiveness of the UN and are going to do whatever they want to.