Thursday, May 11, 2006

Go East, Young Man!

This just brings tears to my eyes:

BANGALORE, India - Nate Linkon graduated from college last year with a business degree and a lot of offers. But he made an unusual choice: to pack his bags and move 9,000 miles away from corporate America to Bangalore. In his view, there’s no better place to beef up his résumé — even though the pay is much lower.

. . .

Infosys’ profits are three times those of its U.S. competitors. One of the main reasons is salaries. The employees here — the software engineers — make about a quarter of the salary of someone doing the same job in the United States.

Still, a growing number of Americans are looking to Bangalore, where their money goes a lot further. This summer, 100 new U.S. graduates will start as full-time engineers at Infosys, with 200 more to arrive by the end of the year, part of a total staff expansion the company projects to top 50 percent this year.

Like Linkon, they are willing to take lower pay to get the hands-on experience they believe will make them more marketable when they return to a job in the United States.

Brown, Campbell. "Americans make reverse commute — to India: Cutting-edge jobs, early-career experience draw the tech-savvy." 11 May 2006 11 May 2006
These young American professionals going to return to America with more than a very marketable resume—they are going to come back with an impression of a beautiful and timeless culture, one that is now full with hope for the future. I can't tell you how happy I am to see this happening.


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