Sunday, April 02, 2006

Some Culture With That Technology Transfer?

Now it is Indian culture that is starting to flow into America. With Americans now applying for tech jobs in Bangalore, sharp, young American college grads are first-handing getting acclimatized to Indian culture.

American software engineer Anna Libkhen, 31, took a big pay cut — she now earns about one-fourth her salary in New York City — when she transferred to Bangalore for Thomas Financial in October 2004. But the chance to immerse herself in Indian culture is priceless.

“India as a country has a lot to offer: yoga, ayurveda (herbal medicine), meditation, food, dance, music,” Libkhen said. “These are all the cultural aspects of life I was looking for.”

. . .

N.R. Narayana Murthy, Infosys’ chairman and co-founder, said the company started its internship program six years ago to show foreign students there’s more to India than “cows, poverty and pollution.”

“They get exposed to another side of India,” Murthy said in an interview on the Infosys campus in Bangalore. “These people will become leaders in all walks of life. If we can create a positive impression on their minds at an early stage, it’s good for India and for Infosys.”

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Young Americans who are expected to become leaders are getting trained up in India.

I'm all for it!


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