Friday, April 21, 2006

No Religious Freedom in Islamic Countries

Nowadays there is virtually no religious freedom in Islamic countries. Even if such a thing were possible (and there was religious tolerance under Akhbar in India and the Ottoman Empire of Turkey), when it does manifest it doesn't seem to last all that long, does it? It's, like, "water finds its own level." A recent issue that is close to my heart involves the Hare Krishna's farm in Khazakstan being confiscated by the government there. Here's the latest:
Apr 21, USA (SUN) — In 1999 the devotees in Kazkhstan purchased a beautiful farm outside of the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan. Since that time substantial strides have been made in creating an agricultural community, a home for many vaisnavas, and the venue for a wonderful summer yearly festival attended by devotees from Central Asia and Russia.

Since October 2004 there have been many attempts from the government of Kazakhstan to push us from this property. This has been done by smear campaigns in the media and ongoing litigation in the courts.

On March 29, 2006 a case was conducted in the Almaty Oblast Court. Prior to issuing the ruling the judge declared that the legal arguments of the government land agency had no substance and that the arguments presented by the advocates representing our society were correct and in accordance to the Kazakhstan legal code.

But after private discussion in their chambers the judges emerged and issued a ruling against our society in which it is stated that the land be confiscated and returned to the government. This ruling was illegal and not based on legislation of the government of Kazakhstan.

We purchased the land at the market value in 1999. In 2004 we privatised the land according to the laws of Kazakhstan in. Since this time the value of this land has increased dramatically. The situation we have is that the powerful government land barons want to eliminate us by any illegal process that they may possess the land, again sell, and make astronomical profit.

We have neither time nor options left. Our last option is the Supreme Court of Kazakhstan, but need-less-to-say, the legal system does not work in this country. It is either a matter of paying for the decision or having a powerful person order the decision.

Thus we are requesting devotees throughout the world to assist us in different ways:

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Blogger Justin said...

Freedom of religion in the Ottoman Empire

I would like to state a few facts regarding "freedom of religion" in the Ottoman Empire.

Non-muslims in many towns were not allowed to build houses higher than muslims.

Non-muslims were not allowed to have weapons.

Non-muslims were not allowed to ride horses up until near the end of the empire.

Non-muslims were forced to convert in many instances. This is common in the islamic world.

Non-muslims had to pay "blood taxes" - non-muslim son would be forced to join the Janissaries. Often they were forced to convert and even commit murder against their families. Lots of material on this one.

Bashi-Bazouks were Ottoman sponsored terrorist groups made of muslim civilians who were ONLY PAID WITH LOOT! Read more on Wikipedia. They were brought in to police the empire and to strike terror into the hearts of dhimmis.

Ottoman's committed the most hainous acts of crimes against humanity, ask the Armenians, Circassians and Greeks about this!

Just thought I would share some facts. If you require further reading on this matter, please let me know.

2:29 AM, February 26, 2009  

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