Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Demolition in Kazakhstan Already Begun

It looks like time is running out:

On 25 April, in the wake of a regional court ruling last year, court executors - backed by OMON special police - bulldozed five Hare Krishna-owned dachas at their commune on the outskirts of Kazakhstan's commercial capital Almaty. Rati Mandzhari (Yekaterina Levitskaya) of the Hare Krishna community complained to Forum 18 News Service that officials gave less than the required five days notice of the demolition. But an official defended the demolitions, claiming that it was all "perfectly legal". The Hare Krishna community believes the authorities have been trying to destroy the commune since the community bought a farm in 1999 and then bought nearby dachas. Last month a court ordered the farm to be confiscated with no compensation and a district court has ruled that five more Hare Krishna-owned dachas are to be confiscated. Only Hare Krishna-owned dachas have been targeted for confiscation and destruction.

(Quoted from Forum 18 at the Sampradaya Sun.)
If we don't act now, then the worst will happen.


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