Monday, August 15, 2005

Where Does Islam Fit In?

Over at Midwest Conservative Journal, a reader by the name of Katherine made this comment:
This constant repetition of the "three Abrahamic faiths" line is getting on my nerves. Christianity is founded firmly on the base of the Hebrew Scriptures. We read them, quote them, pray the Psalms, and find Jesus as the fulfillment of them. Islam is something else. Islam pays lip service to "the Book" but its conception of God is radically different. Where it refers to OT or NT stories, they are in garbled form, consistent with Muhammad's only surface familiarity with both Judaism and Christianity. Seventh-century Christians who knew Islam regarded it as a Christian heresy, like the gnostics before it, understanding only a small portion of the revelation of God to Jews and Christians, and misunderstanding its meaning. Neither Jews nor Christians can accept Islamic "revelation" as valid.

Katherine. Comment to "Frankly Speaking." 13 Aug 2005. Midwest Conservative Journal. 15 Aug 2005. <>
Contempt for the scriptures of the Jews and Christians appears to manifest as contempt for the Jews and Christians themselves. If we want to talk about root causes, here's one.


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