Sunday, August 21, 2005

Burned to the Ground

It seems Akbar the Great, Mogul ruler of India, really was contemptuous of Islam:
On the same occasion the King [Akbar] caused all the Alcorans in the town in which he then held his court to be razed to the ground. By the word 'Alcoran'2 is signified not only the law of Mahomet, but certain high towers from which the ministers of the sect of Mahomet, in a loud voice, invoke their false prophet, and from which they summon the people to prayer. The mosques also, which are the temples of the same deceiver, were by his order converted into stables for horses and elephants; and since one of the greatest of his former difficulties had been the multitude of his wives, he abandoned them all save one, giving them in marriage to various lords and gentlemen of his court. 3 He also made proclamation, by sound of trumpet, that, from that time forward, no Mahometan should circumcise his male children until they had attained the age of 15 years, so that they might choose for themselves the law which they desired to follow. (Du Jarric 45)
This might have to become a necessary policy in dealing with radical Islam. The Mahometans sure don't have any qualms about destroying anyone else's place of worship.

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